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disclosureFor nearly 130 years, Abbott has worked closely with health care professionals to help people live better, healthier lives across the globe. The information exchanged through these relationships has led to newer and better therapies and most importantly, enhanced care for patients.

We work with health care professionals primarily in the research and development process and in medical education. Their expertise helps us develop and enhance products and therapies to meet nutritional needs and treat a number of medical conditions including metabolic disorders, diabetes, vascular and heart disease, cancer and vision care.

Collaboration in research and development

Developing new products or enhancing existing therapies can take many years and significant financial commitment to ensure products are safe and effective for patients. Health care professionals are a crucial source of information regarding the real world use of medicine in clinical trials. Without the benefit of that information, we would be unable to improve on existing products and deliver innovation in patient care that has been the hallmark of medical advancement. Our interactions with health care professionals during the development process are essential to providing patients with products that are backed by extensive clinical experience.

Collaboration in education

Continuing medical education is key to ensuring the best treatment is accompanied by the right knowledge to fully meet the needs of patients. We offer programs and opportunities for health care professionals in support of medical education. We believe these programs increase health care knowledge and improve patient care.

For example:

  • We exchange information with health care professionals through in-office interactions in which we share some of the latest data around research and treatment therapies.
  • We provide opportunities for health care professionals to engage in peer-to-peer discussions, sharing the latest in treatment regimens and patient care.
  • We provide educational materials such as journal articles and facilitate health care professional education on both diseases and products.

Acting with transparency

We believe interactions with health care professionals bring value to patient care. Our interactions with them are guided by openness and transparency. Member companies of the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM) are disclosing consulting fees, registration fees, and travel and event support costs that are related to prescription pharmaceutical products. We are proud to be a member of AIPM, and we support AIPM’s disclosure requirement as well as its goal of providing the public with greater visibility into interactions between the health care industry and health care professionals to ensure public trust and confidence.

AIPM transparency report (PDF 686KB)

Methodological note (PDF 386KB)

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